GoPro mount adapter for bicycle lamp

It is best to have as much light as possible when mountain biking in the dark. Mostly this means to have at least two reasonably powerful lamps, one in the handlebar and another in your helmet. The one in the handlebar should point pretty close to give you peripheral visibility in front of you while spotting the route ahead.

I wanted to have some easy mounting solution for my helmets and GoPro mount was an easy choice as I already had some mounts on my helmets. I started working with an J-buckle as it already has holes in it for easy screw attachments.

J-buckle in parts
J-buckle in parts

I then took a small piece of 20mm electrical tubing and attached it to the mount. First try revealed that there was a small clearance issue between the rubber band on the lamp and GoPro mount.

Tube, clearance issue and fix
Tube, clearance issue and fix

mounting solution from side and front
the mount
mounted on my helmets

After the initial version, I did some reinforcements with steel epoxy to make sure that tube holds in place as the threads were minimal and the plastic is pretty soft and thin.

Added epoxy reinforcements
Added epoxy reinforcements

During the first test ride I managed to hit the lamp to a branch and it held, so mission accomplished.

setup after first test ride
setup after first ride in the dark with it

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