First time on a dirt track

We went to a dirt track after the last mtb group ride in local forest. This was my first time in actually built jumps, but luckily I had watched some videos in the internet. Most importantly I knew to lighten the front on the edge of the jump and then steer the front back down to landing while in air.

Doval 30T MTB3032 14% oval

After monitoring my current 2×10 (32-24 : 11-34) gear usage and comparing different oval chainrings I came to a conclusion, that Doval 30T 3032OCP would be good for my usage, but also ordered 32T 104bcd version.

  • only oval that is available for 104bcd in 30T size with the 3032 mounting system and 99.5bcd

    Doval 99.5mm bcd (image from DOVAL )
    Doval 99.5mm bcd (image from DOVAL )
  • “double oval” i.e. rapid transition to minor axis after power stroke on major axis (see mtbr forum for more pictures and details)
  • cheap and easily available from ebay

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Oval Chainrings ?

One day my trusted shop for bicycle parts ( ) had a banner on their site about oval chainrings and that woke my engineering curiosity:

what is this? why? science??

I started searching for information and soon discovered that there were multiple cooks in the mix and that oval chainrings could be the next thing in mountainbiking …or maybe just another gimmic?
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Toothpaste to restore headlights? ***MYTH CONFIRMED***

The headlights in my car were in pretty bad and blurry condition and I even thought about buying new ones. I had previously tried to clean them with soap, alcohol, etc. but with zero to none results.

Then I decided to try to find if the current ones could be restored and after a short google, I found several different kits to clean and polish the lights and then some instances about toothpaste.

could toothpaste really cure the lights?

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