Toothpaste to restore headlights? ***MYTH CONFIRMED***

The headlights in my car were in pretty bad and blurry condition and I even thought about buying new ones. I had previously tried to clean them with soap, alcohol, etc. but with zero to none results.

Then I decided to try to find if the current ones could be restored and after a short google, I found several different kits to clean and polish the lights and then some instances about toothpaste.

could toothpaste really cure the lights?

I was somewhat skeptical, as I had tried different solvents previously, but hadn’t use proper rubbing. So I bought the cheapest toothpaste from local store and got to work.

Let the pictures do the rest of the talking 🙂

first light got first a regular wash (top) then I rubbed and rinsed twice.
left headlight is washed and right is after toothpaste
crappy mobile picture, but you can clearly see the changed tint from yellowish to clear (left is washed and right is processed, lights on)
Happy little dragon with clear eyes

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